We are a part of the community and community is like family. We strive to give you the highest quality produce, the freshest meats, and granny-approved baked goods, all at the right price, every day.


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Delivery Info

Dear Kensigton Square Superspar customer,

 In light of the current developments regarding the Covid-19 (Corona-virus) situation, our primary concern is still, as always, the safety of our valued customers, our employees and our delivery partners.

With regards to all online orders, with immediate effect, Kensigton Square Superspar will take the following precautionary measures to minimize the risk of virus contamination.
Zero contact delivery:  Upon arrival at your delivery address, our drivers have been instructed to ring the bell, and then step back and stand at a safe distance.

Portable EFT / Card Machine: Our driver will sanitize the device and hand it over to the customer, after the customer entered their pin and transaction was approved, the customer can remove their card and hand the device back to our driver.

As a safety measurement, during this time Spar will package your order in plastic bags so that there is no need for either party to handle any delivery containers or boxes.

The driver will then place the bags at your door and wait for you to answer the door. 
The driver will then take down your name, with the day, date and time of delivery in your presence, so you won’t need to sign any paperwork nor will any paperwork be exchanged.

Followed by that you can then collect your items delivered and head back indoors; from where on the driver will collect the delivery containers, if any, and head back.

Delivery Terms and Conditions

We only allow online payments to eliminate staff to customer contact.

We only do deliveries if the location is within 10km radius from Kensigton Square Superspar.

Orders to be placed before 12am for same day delivery between 13:00 and 15:00.  If you place your order after 12am you will receive your order the next day.

Kindly Note:  Kensigton Square Superspar

Does not do deliveries on weekends. 

 Only orders that comes to a total of R100 or more will be qualified for online shopping and delivery.